Voucher Program

Welcome to Covenant Christian School's Voucher Program!

Using the voucher program impacts the school’s overall budget in a positive way, helping reduce tuition and needed donations for everyone! If everyone commits to using the program for some of their monthly expenses whether it is groceries, gas, clothes or going out, it will make a difference! You don’t have to use the program for every expense, but every little bit helps!

Please follow the link to order gift cards to support Covenant Christian School with your regular shopping.


Please email if you have any questions on how the program works. If you are not already a user, register or email ccsvoucherprogram@gmail.com.

Orders will be due on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Email reminders will be sent out with the order due dates.

The Tuesday after each order, the gift cards will be sent home with your child or will be available for pick up at the school. For those who would like your gift cards to be delivered through a church rep, your orders will be delivered by the 2nd Sunday after each order due date.

Church Representatives

Bethel URC of Alymer - Wendy VanderHeide

Bethel URC of Woodstock - Rachel Zekveld

Grace CanRC of Kerwood - Trudy Dickieson

Pilgrim CanRC of London - Marj Bergsma

Providence URC of Strathroy - Pam Vandermeyden & Rachel Dekker

Thank you for using the voucher program!