Membership Fees

According to the constitution and bylaws of Covenant Christian School Incorporated, membership is open to confessing members of a Canadian Reformed Church or churches with whom the Canadian Reformed Churches maintain ecclesiastical fellowship, or are mutually pursuing federative unity.

Since Christian education is a covenantal responsibility, everyone is encouraged to join the school society.  All membership is subject to Board approval.  Donations (one time gifts or monthly pledges) are gratefully accepted.  Covenant Christian School is a registered charitable organization, and all donations will be properly receipted.

Fee Schedule

Category 1a:    New 2 year general membership                                             $295/month
Category 1b:   General Membership (singles, newly married, etc.)                  $480/month    
Category 2:     Families 2 years prior to registration (incl. Kindergarten)        $660/month
Category 3a:    Tuition Paying Membership                                                      $760/month
Category 3b:   Tuition Paying Membership with Transportation                       $830/month
Category 4a:    Families with children no longer in school                              $530/month
Category 4b:   Families with children in PRC only                                            $365/month
Category 5:      Retired members, students                                                     $270/month


Below we have tried to answer some typical frequently asked questions.  If you have any questions or would like to donate to Covenant Christian School, please do not hesitate to contact us here. 

Q. When do I start paying Category 2?
A. School payments start in July. i.e. If your child will start Gr. 1 in Sept 2020, category 2 memberships start July 2018. Full tuition would start July 2020.

Q. Is the Tuition rate per child or per family?
A. The tuition is a family rate. The rate is the same regardless of the number of children attending.

Q. Is bussing included in the Tuition?
A. Category 3b is the rate for membership that includes bussing.

Q. When do I start contributing?
A. Right now or whenever you are financially able to do so. All donations are welcome and every dollar counts. Every non-tuition donation received will help reduce tuition fees and also increases the tax benefit for tuition-paying families.

Q. Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?
A. Yes, the school society is a registered charitable organization with the CRA and tax receipts are 100% for donation amounts. Tuition tax receipts are not 100% of amount contributed, eligible donation amount is calculated less cost per student.