Covenant Christian School is indeed a busy place for staff, students, and parents.  Over the course of the school year there are many activities for the staff, students and parents to be engaged in both inside the walls of Covenant Christian School and outside.  


As our student population has continued to expand we have made every effort to maintain a school culture and climate that promotes the unity of the school and the diversity and unique character of each of the covenant children that attend our school.  In grades 7&8 the students join one of the following 5 leadership teams: Spirit, Sports, Talent, Mission & Outreach, and the Mixed Media team.  On these teams the students have an avenue to make a powerful difference in our school community.  The students have organized fundraisers, theme days, talent shows, intramurals, and have created yearbooks, movies, and other things to help ensure that the unity of the school continues to flourish.

The student population also has an opportunity to participate in a number of extracurricular activities.  These include the annual chess tournaments, and bi-annual events like the speaking competition and the science fair project.  Every third year the students in grades 6-8 also have an opportunity to be part of putting on a musical production. 

We encourage athletic development throughout the grades.  There are track and field activities for the students in K-8 as well as sports intramurals.  At the upper elementary level students have the opportunity to participate in a host of sporting events which include the following tournaments:  Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, and Track and Field. 

Throughout the year the school organizes a number of special assemblies or programs to celebrate God’s faithfulness and goodness to us.  Time is set aside to gather together as a school community and celebrate the following special occasions:  Opening Day, Thanksgiving, Reformation Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas, Easter, Ascension Day and the Last Day of School.    

 There are also a host of events that are organized by the board to help promote unity amongst the school community.  Some of these events include the Springfest Bazaar, a Dinner Auction, a Baseball Tournament and a Stampot Dinner. 

 In all of these activities we are reminded on a yearly basis of the strong sense of unity that we possess here at Covenant Christian School.   These activities are an avenue for us as Kingdom Citizens to lift the name of God on high.